Posted on: March 24, 2008 12:19 am

Wizards show up after butler returns

The Wizards have just won their 4th game in a row after deafeating the Pistions. And, the pistions are considered one of the top teams in the nba and mainly in the east. But the wizards handeled them tonite thanks to Caron Butler and antwan jamison and their supporting cast. All i can say now is that caron butler has to stay healthy along with every other wizard in order for us to do something in the postseason. Caron deserves some type of award for what he has the last two years hes had bad injuries and fought through adveristy to get back on the floor. Last year he broke his hand twords the end of the season against the Bucks then this year he has done everything from spraining his ankle to tearing a muscle in his hip and now playing with a chiped bone in his wrist. That shows what a real man is. All the wizards need to do now is focus on staying healthy and winning games which is what most teams are doing throughout the year but the wizards also have to maintain a good spot in the eastern conference. Right now, they are the 5th seed behind Boston, Detroit, Orlando and Clevland and the wizards have beaten all of those teams atleast once this year. Then you have the Raptors, Sixers, Nets, and the Bulls trying to make a run. The Wizards just took the 5th seed after tornonto has been stuggiling after Chris Bosh went down with a knee injury. So, if the playoffs where to start today they would play the mighty cavs who is always a tough matchup mainly because of there own beast LeBron James. In the last 3 years the Wizards have made the playoffs the last two year they played the cavs and lost. Thats the only reason i dont want to play the cavs. But, the year before those two we played the bulls and won and went on to face the Heat and then lost to them. I doubt the wizards can get the third seed wich would be nice but that still doesnt really help cause if they beat out the Magic and the cavs for the 3rd seed then they would still have to play on of those teams anyway. And it is Highly unlikely for the wizards to take over the first or second seed. So hopefully they can find a plan to guard the dangerous Forward, Lebron James.
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Posted on: February 25, 2008 11:48 pm

Whats Going On With The Wizards?

suprisingly the Wizards have won their last two game. But, they are goina need to start winning more then just 2 games and going 3 for 14 in their past 17 games. They have to be consistant, in a good way. Caron was supposed to come back after the al-star break but he didnt feel he was healthy enough yet so, hes resting up as much as he can so when he comes back he can be 100% and i think thats good so that hes not forcing it. We defintly can afford to lose anymore plays i mean gilberts been out pretty much the whole season and etan has been out for the whole season. That has really hurt our post game but haywood has really stepped up nicely. And Blatche too. February is coming to an end and it is time for a big change for basketball in washington. Gilbert needs to come back 100% healthy and not injury anything again and The same with Caron. I say if we get all 3 of these guys back and healthy and ready to go i think we will go pretty far in the playoffs, thats if me make it first. And thats why caron and gil need to get back soon without rushing anything.

caron-gil-etan----please get healthy

rest of team-----dont get hurt!!!!

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